Worn Out Moon Bear Was Assaulted And Kicked After Faltering In Local Circus

Cruelty to animals is taboo and should not be encouraged, even in tourist places such as zoos. Sadly, this still happens in such places, even if it is a performance in front of a live audience. At the Fujian zoo in China, a moon bear was in the midst of a live performance. It was supposed to follow the dance steps and perform tricks in the ring. However, it did not perform up to the trainer’s expectations and angered him, causing the trainer to kick the bear in front of a live audience!

A video footage of this incident has been recorded by members of the audience, showing evidence that this happened there. Fujian Zoo’s staff has responded to backlashes, stating that the trainer kicked the bear because he was impatient and has since suspended him.

Image Credit: BTMG / YouTube



Does impatience allow this cruel man to do such a thing? Certainly not!

Image Credit: BTMG / YouTube

Check out this video:

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