This Woman Found « Octopus-Looking » Mold Inside Her Coconut Water And Now She Plans To Sue

This is Barbara Kline, a mother of two and coconut water enthusiast from Goshen, New York.

« It’s all I drink, coconut water, » Kline told BuzzFeed News. « Well, not anymore. »

That’s because Kline became violently ill after finding « an octopus-looking thing » in her Vita Coco coconut water on April 25, 

« When I took a major swallow, I gulped a lump of something, » she said. « It tasted thick and syrupy. It was nauseating. »

She verified whether she’d unintentionally purchased a flavor. When she saw it was, undoubtedly, the unflavored assortment, she dumped it out and saw « it was an entire diverse shading. »

« After I opened it up, I heard things wiggling inside, » she said. « What’s more, I thought, ‘That doesn’t sound right.’ I took a blade and opened it up and that is the point at which I found those octopus-looking things. »

Kline said she quickly spewed.