Officer Loses Consciousness After Subway Meal. Hospital Informs Him What Food Was Laced With

The officer felt the effects of the drug as he drove out of the restaurant parking lot, but managed to get to the Layton Police Department. The police officer was clearly impaired, he drifted off, was unable to focus, and couldn’t process information. His fellow officers took him to the hospital for treatment. The officer has been released and is recovering at home.

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Layton Police Sergeant Clint Bobrowski believes his officer was targeted because he was a member of law enforcement, he also stated that this was a very isolated incident.


Despite being seen on video acting suspiciously, Ukena has denied spiking the officer’s beverage. Ukena now faces felony charges of surreptitious administration of a substance.


Bobrowski said the owners of the Subway restaurant have cooperated completely with their investigation and said the incident is not a reflection on them or their restaurant. Bottom line – don’t do stupid things while being watched by a surveillance camera.

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