Devastated Dog Won’t Stop Hugging Injured Dad Who Slipped After Pruning A Tree

Tony was undoubtedly happy to get that news, but wasn’t about to leave Hueche’s side – even when he was loaded into the ambulance!

Image Credit: Def Civil B. Blanca

But, alas, Tony wasn’t allowed to get in the ambulance. After having suffered only minor injuries, Heuche was soon reunited with Tony! The story about Tony’s unwavering love caught the eye of many people, and the photos went viral.

Image Credit: Def Civil B. Blanca



La Brujula 24, a local radio station, interviewed Heuche and asked him about Tony. Turns out that Tony was found living on the street as a stray. Heuche and his family just took him home and made him part of the family!

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It is love that makes a family a family! Consider adopting your next pet – don’t shop for one. There are many loving and deserving dogs living in shelters that need homes. You never know, you could find a dog just like Tony!

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