18 Funniest Photobombs Ever Captured On Camera


Photobombing makes you a terrorist that doesn’t have to serve a single day in jail. There is nothing better than to make others feel miserable by ruining their photo session.

From meddling animals that have no shame to your neighborhood’s selection of perverts, stalkers, and exhibitionists, no frame is safe.

1. Squirrel Photobomb


A couple of extra seconds added on the camera timer can make all the difference.


What was supposed to be an excellent vacation photo to put on Facebook turned into a nightmare. This middle-aged low-income couple learned the hard way what it means to deal with wild animals.

We all know how squirrels are greedy for attention, but this is a bit too much beyond the line. The small mammal forced the modern device to change the distance at which it focused, blurring its unsuspecting victims, as well as the scenic background.

Some photobombs happen by accident, but this one was the result of a plan. We can only hope a fox or any other local predator made the world a safer place for tourists by consuming the rodent.