15 Unusual Schools You Won’t Believe Exist

2. Santa Claus School

via AFP

Can you picture a classroom full of chubby white-bearded grandpas taking notes on how to be less grumpy?

We hate ruining it for the believers. There is more than one Santa Claus and under the iconic red suits are men who dread Christmas as much as anyone their age.

Many schools can teach you how to fit through the chimney or tame Rudolf. By far the most prestigious is Charles W. Howard Santa Claus School, in Michigan.

There is no winter vacation for those schooled to bring ‘Peace on Earth.’ As a matter a fact, Christmas Day is the climax of the exam period.

The disturbing picture below does not show a dystopian world where the red suit becomes a mandatory uniform. What you are seeing is the first generation of Santa Claus wannabes anxious to pass the final test.

Oh, and yes, they do have an entire course dedicated to getting the ‘Ho Ho Ho’ right.

Want to know what makes some students enroll in far away Iceland?

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