15 Personality Traits That Strongly Predict Your Romantic Future

Love, particularly love that lasts, does not happen by chance. It happens for people who are ready to drop their illusions, commit, keep committing even when it’s the harder thing to do, and generally not need someone to save them from themselves. Love is a practice, and it’s success isn’t random. Here, 15 personality traits that can predict the quality of your romantic future:

1. You like yourself. Some research shows that for a romantic relationship to work, your “big 5” personality traits need to align. You have to like who you are as an individual, otherwise you’re not going to like the person who mirrors you.

2. You can respect others you don’t understand. You can acknowledge that other people’s feelings are valid, even if you haven’t had them yourself. In other words, you can practice empathy.

3. You base ideas on experiences, not assumptions. This is to say: you will pick a partner because you love to spend your days with them, not because you have checked off enough boxes and believe them to fit some description you made up about what your soulmate would be like.

4. You have a “growth” mindset. You believe that your life is about developing yourself, and because you look at everything that happens to you as feedback, you’re able to do the same in a relationship. It makes you better able to function in a relationship that will naturally change and evolve.