15 Celebrities That Are Really Kind-Hearted

2. J.K. Rowling


via Legion of Leia

J. K. Rowling gave the world Harry Potter and the incredible saga at Hogwarts. The series were enough to make her a billionaire and one of the most influential persons in the world.

Nevertheless, there is more to the author than a content-creating machine. J. K. Rowling’s donations for various charities reached $150 million in total last year, at least according to Forbes. From the causes the author chose to support, multiple sclerosis (MS) stands out as the one with the biggest emotional connection.

It seems like the reasons are simple – her mother died because of MS and Scotland, the country she currently resides in, has the highest rate of MS patients amongst its population.


J. K. Rowling made the headlines in 2002 when she left behind the good practices of her trade and disclosed how “The Goblet of Fire,” the fourth Harry Potter book, will end, to a dying girl. Most noteworthy is the way she described the experience. According to the British author, it left footprints of her heart.

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