13 Most Hilarious Drunk Pranks

Alcohol is a guilty pleasure for many of us and countless memorable nights started with that extra drink.

For those unlucky, drinking too much accommodates an abrupt transition from the time of your life to a deep sleep, during which you are at the mercy of those around.

Many friendships get the supreme test when a drunken prank emerges at the horizon. In almost all cases, the temptation is too powerful to resist.


Duct tape, markers, empty bottles, fruits, and other items ca be used according to one’s imagination.


We are sure the Internet has some gems somewhere beyond the first few pages offered by Google. In the light of that, we offer you “13 Most Hilarious Drunk Pranks” we were able to find.

We also encourage you to be more vigil during your next party. Close both eyes and you might end up like one of our victims.

1. Caught Red Handed

It’s never a good idea to mix drinking with other activities, especially if you know your friends have a hobby in photography.

This man had to answer to many hateful comments once this pic emerged on the Internet. First of all, he had to deny all claims of being a bunny lover. Dismissing the dirty magazine was the easy part.

Always make sure your friends intake the same quantity of alcohol as you do. If you don’t pay attention to that, you might end up like this poor souls. And he had excellent tastes in women…