13 Most Extreme Tribal Body Modifications


There is almost no limit to the nasty things you can do to your body. If pain tolerance is one of your strong points, this list of modifications is the perfect place to kick start your efforts of being entirely different from the rest. 

What is strange to you might appeal to others. Before you rush to consider a body modification disgusting, creepy, or a sign of bad taste, just remember that the idea of beauty and attractiveness is not universal. Show your Playboy magazine to a tribe in Africa, and they might as well call those women ugly.

1. Teeth Sharpening

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If a visit to the dentist raises hairs on your back, please note that these people were doing it on purpose. 


Something does not seem to be right. Unbelievably, tooth sharpening was a practice many tribes saw as adding beauty to a person’s smile.


Exorcism might help to explain this gruesome and painful body modification. Some tribes held the belief that the teeth represent negative feelings like anger, hate, and jealousy. Judging by the fact that you grind your teeth when you barely stand someone, there might be some truth to that.

Another theory suggests that tooth sharpening was like a rite of passage, marking the transition from childhood to adulthood. Wackier explanations mention the desire to imitate sharks or to guarantee the fidelity of married women by making them ugly on purpose.