12 of the Worst Airplane Passengers

If you’ve gone flying often, ods are that you might have come across at-least one of these people. We all know flights are long and you might want to kick back and relax…. but common. Below, you’ll find some of the worst people ever found on an airplane.

1. I don’t care who eats on that table…



2. I put trash wherever I want!



3. I have an odd sleeping position.




4. Just trying to dry out my shoes after I pissed on them in the lavatory



5. Gotta get that workout in.



6. Just because I hate flight attendants.



7. I don’t flush



8. I’m in first class so screw you.



9. I hate clothes.



10. The airplane floor is a great crib for my baby



11. I’m a king in my “bathroom country.”



12. I sleep however I want