10 Truly Awful Ways To Be Killed By An Animal

2. The Last Anatomy Lesson

via Amazing Australia

The anatomy lessons you had in high school are nothing compared to what can happen to you if you visit Australia. 

This continent has a solid reputation of welcoming outsiders with an impressive number of creatures that can kill you. The odd thing is that some of them look completely harmless.

Cassowaries are large birds, and you certainly would not expect them to be a threat. However, when people do stupid things like stealing their eggs or peting their chicks, things get to a whole new level.

Cassowary birds have claws like all birds, but one of them is particularly interesting in shape and size. Equipped with a dagger-like claw that can be 125 millimeters in length, and being capable of running at up to 50 km/h, this bird means business when it goes after you.

There are numerous reports of people having their arms completely cut off or their abdomen slit open. Yes, you can get that promised anatomy lesson if the cut is taken in the right place. And believe us, you won’t be able to fit those organs back where they are supposed to be.

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