10 Truly Awful Ways To Be Killed By An Animal

A walk in the woods or going for a swim will never be the same once you read about how painful and traumatic your encounter with an animal can get. Forget about being precise, meticulous, or making the prey suffer less. While food might be on the agenda, some animals kill just for the thrill of it.

Do not lose your breath trying to explain that bear you are at the top of the trophic chain. That crocodile does not care about diet and your percentage of body fat. There is no “Get Out of Trouble Free” card while Nature’s laws are at play.

1. Drowned and Butchered to Death

via Reuters

Crocodiles rank as nature’s most savage killers. While most people believe that these predators swallow their victims whole, crocodiles have a healthy habit of chewing first. 


A visit to your local butcher shop can you give the most accurate depiction of what goes through a crocodile’s mind when humans are on the menu, although the drowning part remains to your imagination.


Powerful jaws drag the scared prey under water while spinning techniques remind you of that crazy fitness instructor that used to make your body hurt in new ways. The scope here is to disorient the prey and reduce its chances of escaping.

Crocodiles usually show less mercy than surgeons do. They do not wait for you to go to “sleep” before operating.

Rare survivors of such attacks are left without one or more limbs. The mental trauma comes as a lesson.